Feu d'artifice Nuit Hawaïenne

Hawaiian Night Fireworks

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The compact Hawaiian Night fireworks display from the Le Tigre® collection is distinguished by its exceptional duration of 60 seconds and its large number of 90 shots. It combines tracer comets with red or green peaks in the finale, as well as bombettes and hissing, swirling, and crackling sound effects. Ideal for memorable festive evenings, it promises a vibrant and festive atmosphere, perfect for a night in the colors of Hawaii.

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Compact "HAWAIIAN NIGHT"® from the Le Tigre® Collection

Immerse yourself in the exoticism of a tropical night with the compact HAWAIIAN NIGHT fireworks display, a must-have in the Le Tigre® collection. This robust and generous fireworks display promises an extended performance of about 60 seconds, consisting of 90 spectacular shots that evoke the festive atmosphere of the Hawaiian Islands.

The show begins with tracer comets piercing the night sky, each ending its ascent with an explosion of red or green color. The bomblets burst in a multitude of colors, while the sound effects add an auditory dimension with swirling hisses and crackles. The variety of sounds and lights creates an atmosphere that is both intense and mesmerizing. A firework display in the continuity of the compact bestseller Iliad.

  • Long-term experience: A one-minute show for an unforgettable evening.
  • Impressive Volume: With 90 shots, the "HAWAIIAN® NIGHT" guarantees a grandiose show.
  • Precise Caliber: 13mm shots for optimal accuracy and spin quality.
  • Spectacular Height: Effects that soar up to 30 meters, setting the starry sky ablaze.
  • Soaring Sound Effects: A symphony of whistling and crackling sounds to stimulate all the senses.
  • Safety & Quality: With 0.140 kg of powder, this compact meets safety standards while offering a colorful experience.

The "HAWAIIAN NIGHT"® is the centerpiece for grand celebrations, promising an exceptional performance that will leave your guests in awe. Order this fireworks show on petard-artifice.com and make your evening an unforgettable moment of wonder and celebration.

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Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
Sales Register
12/13 mm
The Tiger
80/100 hits

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