Feu d'artifice Cake Color Block

Fireworks Cake Color Block

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25 Shots with almost 300 grams of active ingredient. The Cake Color Block is a firework display with colorful effects (PINK / YELLOW / GREEN) and an intense crackling finish. The Professional Edition range of Le Tigre (Pyragric), it is the assurance of a successful pyrotechnics show. For the pleasure of the eyes... and ears. Duration of the show : 25 seconds.

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Cake Color Block - Pro Edition: An unforgettable fireworks display

The Pyragric Cake Color Block - Pro Edition, an exceptional choice for a spectacular and memorable evening finale. A fireworks display of remarkable intensity that will turn your event into a modern fairy tale.

Imagine a sky lit up with shimmering colors and gold effects. This compact offers a superior pyrotechnic display, guaranteeing the "wow" effect to your guests. Perfect for a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate party, the Cake Color Block promises a dazzling show.

  • Awesome Pyrotechnic Experience: Explosion of colors in the sky, ideal for captivating attention.
  • Premium Product: Ensures durability and superior quality for an unforgettable memory.
  • Conviviality and Sharing: A perfect time to gather and enjoy the magic of pyrotechnics.
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 15 x 15 cm

Complete your show by pairing the Cake Color Block with other fireworks like the Fan Cake King Size for an even grander experience. Order now on petard-artifice.com for an unforgettable party.

Experience the magic of fireworks with Cake Color Block - Pro Edition, available on petard-artifice.com, your destination for stunning fireworks at a low price. Keep the fireworks going with the compact Adriatic for an extra 16 Shots.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 200 to 300 grams
Sales Register
21/25 mm
Pro Edition
20/25 Shots

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