ZRay Ipanema Fireworks

ZRay Ipanema Fireworks

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The ZRay - Ipanema fireworks display is ideal if you want to extend the show offered by the compact Baby Power. Take advantage of the 36 tee times loaded with 300 grams of active ingredient for an explosive show.

  • Effects Crackling Bouquets
  • Tracer Comet Effects.
  • Dominant colours: green, red, silver.
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Z Ray-Ipanema: A Captivating Fireworks Show

Let yourself be transported by the Z Ray-Ipanema, a must-have for compact fireworks to enchant your big events. Whether it's to celebrate a wedding or dazzle at a company party, this pack is the promise of a memorable evening.

A Stunning Effects Box

With its 36 20mm caliber shots, Z Ray-Ipanema offers a spectacular visual experience. Unlike basic gimmicks, this compact camera lights up the entire sky, creating sparkly lines and resplendent patterns. It is ideal for maintaining glare for several seconds.

Ease of Use & Control

Its ease of use, with simplified manual ignition, gives you full control over the start of the show. You have the freedom to choose the perfect moment to start the show and direct the effects for a perfect staging.

Variety of Effects for a Unique Ambience

This set features a range of pyrotechnic effects to create a festive and captivating atmosphere. From showers of sizzling bouquets to radiant comets, each effect adds to the overall experience, leaving your guests absolutely impressed.

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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 200 to 300 grams
Sales Register
19/20 mm
The Tiger
36/39 Shots

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