Naïa the Witch Fireworks

Naïa the Witch Fireworks

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The Compact - Naïa the Witch is a spectacular fireworks display that offers a magical journey through a world of twinkling lights and thrilling sounds. With its 25 shots and dazzling visual effects, it creates an unforgettable pyrotechnic show. Ideal for any occasion, this fireworks display will captivate your audience with its varied effects and 50-second duration. Add a touch of magic to your event by complementing the show with other fireworks from the Magic World series. Enjoy this mesmerizing experience and let yourself be amazed by the Compact - Naïa the Witch.


Compact - Naïa the Witch: A Mesmerizing Fireworks Show

Get ready for a captivating fireworks show with the Compact - Naïa the Witch, a fireworks display par excellence. Inspired by the spell of the witch of Monfort-Le-Rocher, this fireworks display offers a magical journey through a world of twinkling lights and thrilling sounds. With 25 shots and a large amount of gunpowder, each explosion will transport you to a world of colors, sounds, and flashing fallout, creating an unforgettable fireworks show from a single fuse.

Dazzling visual and sound effects

What sets the Compact - Naïa the Witch apart from other fireworks in the same range is the diversity and grandeur of its effects. Red comets with shimmering trails, bouquets of tricolor stars with silver flashing fallouts, and even a palm tree of gold stars ending in green flashing powders, it's all there to create a mesmerizing spectacle. All this creates a breathtaking spectacle that rises to a height of 30 meters for 50 seconds, captivating all the spectators.

Ideal for any occasion

Whether it's for a reception, a family party, a business event or a funfair, the Compact - Naïa the Witch is the perfect fireworks display to make every moment memorable. Once turned on, it requires no additional intervention, allowing you to enjoy the show while captivating your audience's attention.

Features of the Compact - Naïa the Witch

  • Number of moves: 25
  • Powder weight: 0.51 kg
  • Caliber: 30 mm
  • Duration: 50s
  • Height: 30m
  • Category: F3

Complete the show

For an even more impressive experience, complete your show with another fireworks display from the Magic World series, such as the Compact Showbox bouquet XL. This combination will add even more magic and fascination to your event, making every moment truly unforgettable.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
50 to 70 grams
Sales Register
30/34 mm
Fire Club
20/25 Shots

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