Volcan Pyrotechnique Géant

Giant Volcano Pro Edition

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Enjoy a memorable pyrotechnic experience with the Giant Volcano, a high-quality fireworks display, mimicking a gold and silver eruption that rises up to 7 meters! With a duration of one minute, the Giant Volcano guarantees a steady, intense and flawless performance, making it perfect for any celebration. Treat yourself to a gold and silver light show for an unforgettable festive atmosphere with the Giant Volcano of petard-artifice.com.

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Giant Volcano: Spectacular Fireworks

After discovering the magic of Reflection Rockets No. 1, enter the world of the Giant Volcano. This one-of-a-kind fireworks display offers a breathtaking simulation of a volcanic eruption. Imagine a miniature volcano in your garden, projecting gold and silver effects up to 7 meters high.

The Giant Volcano, a quality product, is part of the Professional Edition range. It promises a high-intensity, one-minute visual and sound show. This pyrotechnics giant is a top choice for impressing your guests at any event.

  • Breathtaking Performance: Gold and silver effects projection for a grandiose show.
  • Swiss quality: Guarantee of a regular and intense result, for a captivating duration of one minute.
  • Safety & Technical: F3 rated, requiring a safety distance of 15 meters. Powder weight of 0.396 kg.
  • Perfect for Any Celebration: Add a majestic dimension to your evenings with this miniature volcano.
  • Responsible Purchasing: Requires ID for purchase, ensuring compliance and security.

Make the Giant Volcano part of your festivities for an unforgettable event. Available on petard-artifice.com for a memorable evening.

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