Sachet 23 Artifices Spécialiste

Bag of 23 Fireworks Specialist

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Treat yourself to an exceptional fireworks show for all your events with the European Specialiste Fireworks Assortment Kit from the brand Ardi. This bag of 23 fireworks with unique colors and effects is perfect for illuminating your birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. Easy to use and affordable for all levels, this kit is made up of pyrotechnic flares with different and complementary effects to create an unforgettable show.

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European Fireworks Assortment Specialist by Ardi

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable fireworks show with the assortment of 23 European Specialist fireworks offered by Ardi, the French fireworks specialist. Whether it's for a birthday, a wedding or any other celebration, these fireworks offer a unique pyrotechnic rendering that will amaze your guests. This assortment, from the same range as the unmissable European Expert, guarantees unique colours and effects for memorable moments.

For professionals, amateurs, and even novices, this assortment offers crackling stars, comet tails, and a variety of other pyrotechnic effects at an attractive price. Create varied and captivating pyrotechnic displays at home that will evoke a range of emotions in your guests. Easy to use for all festive occasions, this kit will meet your expectations in terms of fireworks.

On, we are proud to present this European Specialist assortment from our selection of the best fireworks . Our commitment is to offer you the best fireworks and cheap firecrackers to make your events even more special.

Advantages of the European Fireworks Specialist Assortment

  • Unique Pyrotechnic Rendering: Unique colors and effects for unforgettable events.
  • Wide Variety of Effects: Crackling stars, comet tails and more for captivating spectacles.
  • Easy to Use: Suitable for professionals and novices alike for all festive occasions.
  • Memorable Show: Create a brilliant, sparkling sky that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Active ingredient: 95 grams per pack

Add a magical touch to your evenings with the European Fireworks Specialist Assortment. Order now on to experience magical moments under an illuminated sky. And to complete your pyrotechnic show, discover the pin smoke bomb from the same manufacturer.

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Active Ingredient
from 70 to 100 grams
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- 18 years old

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