Sachet 36 Artifices Connaisseur

Bag of 36 Connoisseur Artifices

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The CONNOISSEUR Fireworks Assortment : a set of 36 varied fireworks for a complete pyrotechnic experience. Includes Ardi® candles, whistle flares, crescendo® and multicolored fountains, sun Ardi® jets, spinning tops®, flares, and an ignition wand. With 67 grams per pack, this pack is perfect for amateurs and connoisseurs, available on


"CONNOISSEUR"® assortment of the EUROPEAN range

The CONNOISSEUR assortment of our EUROPEAN range is an invitation to discover and have fun in the fascinating world of fireworks. Designed for both amateurs and pyrotechnics connoisseurs, this pack offers a variety of fireworks for an unforgettable experience with family or friends. Continue your show with the compact Hawaiian Night fireworks display.

This assortment includes:

  • 3 Ardi® candles with 10 different effects, offering a colorful and varied show;
  • 24 rockets, whistles, firecrackers for a fun and dynamic soundscape;
  • 2 Crescendo® fountains, creating a beautiful jet of light;
  • 1 multi-colored fountain to add a pop of vibrant color;
  • 1 sun Ardi® to 3 jets, for a striking visual effect;
  • 2 spinning tops® that sparkle;
  • 2 classic rockets for a traditional aerial effect;
  • 1 ignition wand for easy and secure use.

The advantages of the Knower fireworks bag.

  • Variety of Effects: A mix of carefully selected fireworks for a complete experience.
  • Visual & Sound Experience: Combination of light, color, and sound for total immersion.
  • User-friendliness: Ideal for sharing moments of joy and surprise in a group.
  • Easy to Use: Designed to be accessible to everyone, from amateurs to connoisseurs.
  • Rich Content: 36 varied pieces for an extended and diversified show duration.
  • Optimal Weight: With 67 grams per pack, a balance between quantity and quality of effects.

The "CONNOISSEUR" assortment® is a celebration of pyrotechnics, available on It's the perfect opportunity to experience and share magical and dazzling moments.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
50 to 70 grams
Sales Register
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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