Fireworks Pyro Combo

Fireworks Pyro Combo

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Compact Pyro Combo for an exceptional fireworks display. 100 25mm caliber starts, 45 seconds of mind-blowing and 1.24 kg of powder. Hot in front, the show is about to begin... Bouquet of blue, red, flashing, purple stars and then final effects of green mines and gold palm trees with colored tips. Flashing white lead effect, then gold palm tree and flashing stars.

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With the Pyro Combo, Send the Magic...

If you are fond of successful parties and grandiose shows, events of all kinds that mark the memories, do not miss the Compact Pyro Combo kit manufactured by Pyragric. It is ideal as a wedding fireworks, to mark the occasion during a birthday, for a company party or for any other festive motif, opt for the Compact Pyro Combo and you will be sure to offer your friends, your collaborators or your guests an exceptional fireworks display. Get ready, we've warned you, it's going to fart, it's going to shine, it's going to sparkle with a thousand lights and above all it's going to leave your mouth agape!


The Compact Pyro Combo is a complete fireworks display with no less than 100 25mm caliber starts and 1.24kg of powder to guarantee a grandiose show of high quality.

100 departures for 45 seconds that will take everyone's breath away: attention ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin! A shower of alternating red and blue stars, shimmering and flashing bouquets, a change of colour for purple, explosions garnished to give way to green mine effects and golden palm trees with coloured tips and the grand finale with its white flashing lead effects and the masterful palm tree glittering with a thousand gold flakes accompanied by an avalanche of flashing stars.


As you can see, for all fans of high-end pyrotechnic shows, the Compact Pyro Combo pack is an all-in-one: effects, lights, rainbow colors and crackling will be there. A professional edition certified "the tiger", a high quality edition at the best price, accessible to all lovers of parties and shows quite simply. Expected reaction: the "wow" effect for the party artificer that you will have become. AND if you're not satisfied yet, the Showbox Bouquet XL compact fireworks display will finish captivating you...

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
1 to 1.5 kg
Sales Register
21/25 mm
Pro Edition
80/100 hits

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