Special Wedding Fireworks

Special Wedding Fireworks

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Delivery Time: 7 Days. And as a reminder, you don't order a fireworks display for a wedding at the last minute. A grandiose fireworks display to make your wedding day unforgettable. 4 powerful modules with a single ignition, 90 seconds of powerful effects, detonations at more than 50 meters, 152 shots of 30 mm caliber, and 2.75 kg of active ingredient. Rest assured that your guests won't forget your wedding.

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Make the most beautiful day of your life sparkle with the Special Wedding Fireworks

A unique day, unique festivities. The special wedding fireworks display allows, just like in fairy tales, to conclude a wonderful day in the most beautiful way. Young and old, young and old alike are sure to fall under the spell of this special wedding fireworks display that brings together all the codes of an exceptional show with the very professional rendering of the Pyragric company.

26 sets of intense and sophisticated effects for a unique show. A superb fireworks display for a unique wedding day, forever unforgettable!

The special wedding fireworks, ninety seconds of bewitching happiness

When watching a firework display , one would never want these explosions of lights and colors to stop. The special fireworks display has been professionally designed for a unique look. It offers more than ninety seconds of a magical show that will put glitter in the eyes of children and the emotion of childhood in those of their elders. Always synonymous with festive moments, the special wedding fireworks will be the highlight of this evening of love and happiness.

Surprise your guests with the special wedding fireworks display and its play of colours

The colourful and sparkling sprays of the special wedding fireworks will set the sky ablaze up to a height of more than fifty metres for an exceptional rendering. Dense, intense, flamboyant and in an interrupted flow, the special wedding fireworks will illuminate the skies with thousands of shimmering colors that will evaporate like fireflies. Designed to shine like a starry sky, the special wedding fireworks display is the dream of all brides and grooms who have managed to preserve a child's soul. A true finale to your wedding party, this fireworks display will conclude a special day of brilliance.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
2 to 3 kg
Sales Register
30/34 mm
Pro Edition
from 101 to 200 Couips

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