Lot de 2 Fumigènes à Goupille

Set of 2 Pin Smoke Bombs

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Set of 2 Pin Smoke Bombs - Blue, White, Red. Pull the pin, the tricolor smoke escapes instantly thanks to its 3 outlet holes. With a duration of 50 seconds, the Ardi smoke bomb is the essential artifice for sporting events and national holidays. Big caliber for big sensations.

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Blue White Red Pin Smoke Bomb

Celebrate with passion and patriotism thanks to the Blue White Red Pin Smoke Bomb from the brand Ardi. This tricolour smoke bomb is designed to liven up your sporting events, national celebrations or any other festive moment where the colours blue, white and red are in the spotlight. With a duration of 50 seconds, this smoke bomb offers an intense and vibrant visual spectacle.

The Ardi pin smoke is easy to use: simply pull the pin and the tri-color smoke instantly escapes from its three outlet ports. The height of the shot is 5 meters, and a safety distance of 10 meters is recommended for a safe experience, in accordance with its classification in category T1 (18 years and older).

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Advantages of the Blue White Red Pin Smoke Bomb Ardi

  • Tricolor Show: Enjoy a blue, white, and red smoke show for a patriotic vibe.
  • Ease of Use: Simple activation with a pin for immediate effect.
  • Optimal Duration: 50 seconds of dense smoke to captivate your audience's attention.
  • Safety: Complies with safety standards with a safety distance of 10 meters and a shooting height of 5 meters.

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