6 Boules Fumigènes

6 Smoke Balls

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Bag of 6 smoke balls so that the youngest can have fun with fireworks without danger. Kids will add some colour to the garden with 6 assorted colours.

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Smoke Balls: A Colorful Fireworks for Young People

Entertain your youngsters with the bag of 6 smoke balls from Pyragrici, perfect for Halloween parties, afternoons with friends or birthdays. Each ball offers a different color (red, yellow, green, blue) for a varied and vibrant pyrotechnic show. Available on petard-artifice.com, this product is ideal for providing safe and colorful entertainment for teenagers.

Smoke balls are simple to use: light the fuse and watch the magic happen! Each ball creates a cloud of colorful smoke, transforming any outdoor space into a spectacular playground. Compliant with French regulations, these balls guarantee fearless fun for parents.

Whether you have a large garden or a small outdoor space, these smoke balls are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere. Order now on petard-artifice.com and benefit from fast shipping within 24 working hours. To keep the party going, also discover our Big Mix bag and its 44 fireworks!

  • Variety of Colors: Six smoke balls offering a rainbow of smokes.
  • Fun for Teens: A safe and fun fireworks show.
  • Safety Guaranteed: Product complies with French standards for worry-free use.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Ideal for Halloween parties, birthdays or get-togethers with friends.
  • Fast Delivery: Order on Petard-Artifice.com and receive your package in the blink of an eye.

Offer a colorful and safe show to young people with the 6 smoke balls, available on Petard-Artifice.com. Order now for guaranteed entertainment!

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