Chandelle Romaine Blitz -30 coups

Roman Candle Blitz -30 Strokes

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Set of 12 Blitz Roman candles from the brand Pyragric. With an impressive length of 52 cm and 30 strokes per candle, light up the peaks with a range of 15 meters by alternating Red, Green and White comet effects. Caliber 10 mm.

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Set of 12 Blitz Roman Candles - Pyragric

The Blitz Roman Candle Set of 12 from Pyragric is a real treasure for fireworks enthusiasts, combining superior quality with exceptional performance. Each candle, measuring 52 cm long with a 10 mm gauge, is designed to deliver a stunning spectacle of 30 colourful shots. These dazzling rockets promise to captivate your audience's attention, lighting up the sky with comets alternating red, green, and white colors. Ideal for large celebrations, this set will transform your events into an unforgettable light painting, projecting effects up to a height of 15 meters. And, you can easily add other artifices to your show, such as the 100-shot Arcadia Roman Candle.

Main features

  • Quantity: Set of 12 candles
  • Brand: Pyragric
  • Length: 52 cm per candle
  • Number of Strokes: 30 strokes per candle
  • Scope: Up to 15 meters
  • Belongings: Comets alternating Red, Green and White colors
  • Caliber: 10 mm

Product Benefits

  • Extended Show: With 30 shots per candle, enjoy a long-lasting fireworks show.
  • Variety of Colors: The comet effects alternate between Red, Green and White for a vibrant and colorful show.
  • Impressive Range: Reach the peaks with a range of 15 meters, ideal for the great outdoors.
  • Quality Pyragric: Trust the expertise of Pyragric, a brand known for the quality of its pyrotechnic products.

Use & Safety

These Roman candles are perfect for all your celebrations: weddings, birthdays, national holidays or any other special event that requires a spectacular visual effect. Easy to use, they will be suitable for both professionals and fireworks enthusiasts. Safety is paramount when using fireworks. Please follow the instructions provided and keep a safe distance. Make sure the use of this product complies with local regulations.

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Active Ingredient
from 70 to 100 grams
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12 pieces
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