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Explosive string

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Discover the original Explosive Strings from ARDI on, the ideal choice for young enthusiasts looking for a fun and safe pyrotechnic experience.

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The Explosive Strings: Return of a Legend

Get ready for a mesmerizing pyrotechnic experience with the legendary return of ARDI's original Explosive Strings. Perfectly suited for teenagers, this F1 range offers a safe and exciting adventure without having to wait until adulthood. Young people's fascination with the twinkle and colors of fireworks comes to life with these explosive strings, designed to create magical and memorable moments.

The Explosive Strings Ardi bring the magic of fireworks directly into the hands of young people, while guaranteeing maximum safety. Each box, containing 12 strings, promises unparalleled entertainment. Excitement, laughter and wonder are present with each snap and crackle of these fireworks.

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  • F1 Safety: Designed specifically for the safety of young riders.
  • Quality ARDI: Reliable products from a well-known brand in pyrotechnics.
  • Entertainment Guaranteed: For special occasions or for everyday enjoyment.

Available now on, order the "DEMON® Explosive Strings" and benefit from our exceptional customer service and fast deliveries. Give your kids a dazzling experience they won't forget!

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0 to 1 gram
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12 pieces
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- 12 years old