Pétards Superballs Explosives

Explosive Firecrackers Superballs

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The SUPERBALLS Explosives, with their time-delay effect and golden sparkles, are a must-have choice for pyrotechnics enthusiasts. Perfect for adding a dramatic glow to all your activities, they guarantee fun and thrills with every use.


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SUPERBALLS Explosives - The Brilliant Pyrotechnic Revelation

Discover our SUPERBALLS Explosives, a bag of 3 explosive balls that combine simplicity and efficiency. These time-release balls, each with a wick, promise a unique explosive experience. Ideal for thrill-seekers, these cheap firecrackers offer a crackling blast that will send shivers down your spine with excitement. Each detonation draws a gold-colored ball, accompanied by intense sparks, for a visually stunning effect.

Perfect for paintball or airsoft games, the Superballs Explosives add a blasting effect to the action, with a temporarily incapacitating flash effect. These cheap fireworks can also be used in a garden for a noisy yet safe effect, making these balls a versatile choice for various occasions.

  • Category F2: Power and safety in every explosion.
  • Dazzling Visual Spectacle: Golden sparkles and crackling effect for guaranteed entertainment.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for active play or outdoor family fun.
  • Memorable Experience: Sound and visual effects that leave a lasting impression with every use.
  • Quality & Safety: Carefully designed for safe use.

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40 to 50 grams
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3 rooms
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