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Big Bang Firecrackers

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Ardi's Big Bang Demon Firecracker, with its epic explosion, is the ultimate choice for a vibrant and memorable party. This powerful and economical firecracker is designed for thrill seekers and impressive shows.


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Demon Big Bang - The Mind-Blowing Ardi Firecracker

Discover Ardi's Big Bang Demon, the powerful firecracker that makes crowds tremble. This giant among cheap firecrackers stands out for its size and explosion that go beyond anything you can imagine. A true masterstroke in our range of firecrackers and fireworks, the Big Bang is the best firecracker for those looking to make an impression at loud and memorable events. Despite its incredible power, it remains a cheap and extremely popular artifice.

The name "Big Bang" couldn't be more appropriate: this demon firecracker unleashes a spectacular explosion, worthy of the most intense fight scenes. When you light the fuse of this firecracker, you create an unforgettable moment – a blast that marks the culmination of any celebration. Leader in fireworks sales in 2023, the Big Bang d'Ardi continues to rank among the best firecrackers on the market, equalling the famous Corsair 2 in decibels.

  • Incredible Sound: A blast that resonates throughout the neighborhood, providing an unparalleled sound show.
  • Popular & Economical Choice: A high-quality firecracker at an affordable price, accessible to all.
  • Explosive Experience for Over 18s: Intended for an adult audience, for conscious and responsible use.
  • Safety & Compliance: Adherence to safety instructions for a party that's both fun and safe.
  • Compliance with European Standards: Compliance with CE standard, ensuring quality and reliability.

For explosive variety, explore the different models of firecrackers on our site and create your own collection of fireworks. With the Giant Demon, every celebration becomes a sensational and unforgettable experience.

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Active Ingredient
14 to 16 grams
Package of
4 rooms
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21/25 mm