Pétards Corsaire 4

Corsair Firecrackers 4

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The Corsair 4 are the ideal firecrackers for a noisy evening full of surprises. These powerful firecrackers will bring fun and laughter to all your celebrations, ensuring explosive entertainment at an affordable price.


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Corsair 4 - The King of Firecrackers for an Unforgettable Party

Let yourself be swept away by the euphoria of the Corsair 4, the firecrackers designed for those looking to liven up their parties with huge noise and adrenaline rushes. Perfect for adults and the young at heart, these powerful firecrackers turn every event into a spectacular and memorable one. Whether you're hosting an outdoor party or a night out with friends, the Corsair 4, made by a renowned German pyrotechnic company, is a guarantee of quality and performance.

These cheap firecrackers are designed to maximize fun and excitement, thanks to their premium components and sturdy rolled-up paper cylinder. The explosive charge of these firecrackers is carefully calibrated to offer an explosive sound effect, ideal for firecracker and fireworks enthusiasts looking to leave an indelible sonic imprint on their festivities. Easy to use, they're perfect for adding a little craziness to your evenings.

  • Ease of Use: Light the wick with a lighter and get ready for action.
  • Awesome Sound Effects: Designed to make noise and brighten up your evenings.
  • German Quality & Safety: Rigorous manufacturing in accordance with European standards.
  • Ideal for All Occasions: Perfect for outdoor parties and festive events.
  • Explosive Experience: A must for thrill seekers.

And for an even more explosive party, don't forget to add a few packs of Explosive Superballs to your cart. With the Corsair 4 and 6, you're sure to have the best firecrackers for an epic night out. Order now on petard-artifice.com and get ready for a fireworks show out of this world!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
8 to 10 grams
Package of
4 rooms
Sales Register
21/25 mm