Sachet 22 Artifices Mega Mix

Bag of 22 Artifices Mega Mix

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The Le Tigre Mega Mix Assortment offers a varied selection of fireworks, guaranteeing a breathtaking show. It includes rockets, Roman candles, compacts, and whirlwind planes. This complete assortment is ideal for all festive occasions.

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Tiger Mega Mix Assortment: A Fireworks Show in One Package

Experience the ultimate in pyrotechnics with the Tiger Mega Mix Assortment. This carefully curated assortment includes a diverse range of fireworks, ensuring a stunning show with every use. Whether it's for a special party or just to brighten up an ordinary evening, the Tiger Mega Mix is the perfect choice. And for the super pyrotechnicians, the compact Maxi Décibel fireworks will put the sky in colour.

A complete assortment for all your fireworks needs

The Tiger Mega Mix consists of the following parts:

  • 3 Stary Night Rockets: Light up the sky with these dazzling rockets, creating a shower of twinkling stars.
  • 3 Silver Dragon Rockets: These rockets offer a flamboyant spectacle with their silver wake that evokes the power and mystery of dragons.
  • 6 x 10mm Gauge Blitz Roman Candles: Designed for vertical projection, these candles light up the sky with a rapid sequence of light showers.
  • 6 11mm Blizzard Candles: Enjoy a deluge of light with these candles, creating a glowing blizzard effect in the sky.
  • 1 Little Big Jimmy Compact and 1 Little Big Hector Compact: These compacts offer a variety of effects, including stars, sprays, and crackles, for an extended and dramatic performance.
  • 2 Whirling Planes: Get your show off the ground with these flying fireworks that spin and climb through the sky, creating a trail of light.

Pyrotechnic fun at your fingertips

Each piece of the Tiger Mega Mix has been selected for its quality and impressive visual spectacle. Whether you're a pyrotechnics enthusiast or hosting your first fireworks show, this bag gives you a complete and accessible experience. Get ready to amaze your guests with this assortment of fireworks.

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