VIP Fireworks 200 shots

VIP Fireworks 200 shots

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Semi-professional fireworks for private individuals. With its 200 high-caliber shots, the VIP 200 Limited Edition is ideal for weddings and other big party parties. A complete fireworks display at a great price at Pétard et Artifice. 110 seconds of happiness, 18 different sets of effects, 1.32 kg of active ingredient. It's all the art of home entertainment.

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VIP Fireworks 200 Shots: The Ultimate Pyrotechnic Experience

Experience elegance and exclusivity with the 200 Tirs VIP Fireworks, designed especially for those looking for an exceptional pyrotechnic experience. For events such as weddings, birthdays, or special celebrations, treat your guests to a breathtaking VIP show, a symphony of dazzling lights in the sky.

This semi-professional fireworks display with 200 shots embodies splendor and pyrotechnic innovation. Each explosion is a visual marvel, with effects of chrysanthemums, comet tails, and bouquets in a myriad of vibrant colors.

  • 200 Impressive Shots: A continuous onslaught of pyrotechnic wonders.
  • Mesmerizing Color Palette: Gold, silver, white, for a show rich in hues.
  • Safety & Quality: Product carefully selected by pyrotechnics experts.
  • Limited Edition: A Firecracker & Artifice exclusive for a memorable event.

At Petard & Artifice, we are proud to offer you fireworks of the highest quality, guaranteeing a celebration that will leave a lasting impression. Become the conductor of your own celestial show with the VIP 200 Tirs, an ideal product for those who want perfection. Continue your pyrotechnic experience with the sensational compact Street Art, available on our website.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
1 to 1.5 kg
Sales Register
19/20 mm
Pro Edition
200+ Shots