VIP Fireworks 188 shots

VIP Fireworks 188 shots

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VIP Fireworks 188 Shots. has selected a fireworks display for you that will amaze your friends during your VIP evenings. 150 seconds of an exceptional automatic pyrotechnic show. From now on, professional quality is at your service.

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VIP Fireworks Case 188: An Unforgettable Festival of Light

Elevate your celebrations with the VIP 188 Fireworks Case, a favorite choice for VIP parties on This semi-professional fireworks display delivers a breathtaking performance of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, with a dynamic sequence of 188 varied shots. It is an ideal wedding fireworks .

The VIP 188 case lights up the sky with a diversity of spectacular colors – ruby, royal blue, emerald green, purple, flashing silver. The evocative names of the fireworks such as palm trees, peonies, and dahlias will captivate your guests. A total of 5 fireworks displays for a grandiose fireworks display.

  • Variety of Effects: Variety of sparkling colors and striking visual effects.
  • Ease of Use: Simple ignition for automatic deployment of effects.
  • Professional Experience: Enjoy a show worthy of the professionals for your special events.
  • Impressive Height: Pyrotechnic effects reaching up to 50 meters in height.

Embrace the spectacular brilliance of VIP 188 for your next big event. Order this exclusive case from your online fireworks store, Petard & Artifice and be the creator of a memorable evening. For an even more captivating experience, pair it with the Roman Storms candles that will kick off the show.

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Active Ingredient
1 to 1.5 kg
Sales Register
21/25 mm
Pro Edition
from 101 to 200 Couips

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