Fireworks Showbox Sensation

Fireworks Showbox Sensation

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The ShowBox Sensation lights from Ardi are the intensity of large professional fires for a duration of 2 minutes To cause a sensation is to provoke a strong impression of interest, surprise and admiration. There is no doubt that you will succeed through this wave of fireworks with 156 spectacular and multi-effects multicolored departures with a final bouquet all in gold. An exceptional fireworks display. AND if you have any doubts, check out the Showbox Sensation video below.

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SHOWBOX® 2mn SENSATION:® an unrivalled pyrotechnic show

Capture the essence of magic with the SHOWBOX® 2mn SENSATION,® a feat of modern pyrotechnics, available on This automatic fireworks display, ideal for weddings, national holidays or birthdays, turns every celebration into a breathtaking moment.

Installation is simple and secure, making it ideal for open terrain. Once in place, the SHOWBOX® 2mn SENSATION® deploys an assortment of pyrotechnic effects, offering a diversity of colors and sounds to amaze your guests.

The show is broken down into four distinct pyrotechnic displays, each with its own characteristics:

  • TABLE 1: Comet tails in red, green and blue hues, culminating in silver palms with colored tips and white sparkles.
  • TABLEAU n°2: Featuring sky blue and gold stars, in a sublime show of crackling gold rain, interspersed with dragon egg chrysanthemums.
  • TABLEAU 3: A mix of gold tracer comets and silver swirling comets, creating a dynamic and captivating visual effect.
  • TABLEAU 4: Closing the show with matching comet tails, turning into crackling brocade wreaths and colorful showers.
  • FINAL BOUQUET: A gold shimmering firepot and a crackling shower of gold, giving way to tracer comets adorned with twinkling stars, for a dazzling finale.
  • Active Ingredient: 1554 grams

Easy to set up and operate, the SHOWBOX® 2mn SENSATION® is a guarantee of success for your events. Order it now on and get ready for a night to remember. Don't forget to complete your show with our other SHOWBOX® fireworks bouquets for an even more immersive experience.

Product Features: The SHOWBOX® 2mn SENSATION® offers an impressive combination of 152 shots, a 2-minute show duration, and a variety of pyrotechnic effects, for an illuminated and captivating event. In the range of large fireworks, you will also find Fan Cake King Size.

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Active Ingredient
from 1.5 to 2 kg
Sales Register
21/25 mm
Sky Designer
from 101 to 200 Couips
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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