Fumigène Rouge - 60 secondes

Red Smoke Bomb - 60 seconds

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Red smoke bomb from the brand Pyragric. With a duration of 60 seconds, this smoke bomb will produce dense smoke for 60 seconds. The uses of this type of firework are varied and can be recreational, playful and/or professional. The best price for a quality smoke bomb.

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Red Smoke Pyragric : For an Intense Red Cloud

The red smoke bomb from the Pyragric brand is a perfect solution to create a bright red cloud, visible from afar. Convenient and easy to use, this smoke bomb produces a continuous cloud for 60 seconds, perfect for a variety of events.

Whether it's for a private party, a corporate event, a sporting event, or even in the mountains to signal a danger, this red smoke bomb has multiple uses. Its simple ignition box allows for easy use in all circumstances, always following the safety instructions provided.

Used for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, sporting events, or even to mark the beginning or end of an event, this smoke bomb guarantees maximum visibility. Its cloud persists for several minutes at altitude, offering an impressive spectacle. Combined with other colors like white smoke, it offers limitless creative possibilities. On a different note, think of the Parachute Fluo rockets, for your nightly pyrotechnic shows.

  • 60 Second Duration: A continuous red cloud for a striking visual effect.
  • Versatile Uses: Perfect for parties, sporting events, and mountain signals.
  • Easy to Use: Simple ignition and easy transport for use anywhere.
  • Visible from afar: Ideal for attracting attention or marking an important event.
  • Color Combination: Use with other smoke bombs for creative effects.
  • Dimensions : 7.5 x ø 4.5 cm

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