Fumigène Blanc - 60 secondes

White Smoke Bomb - 60 seconds

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White smoke bomb from the brand Pyragric. With a duration of 60 seconds, this smoke bomb will produce dense smoke for 60 seconds. The uses of this type of firework are varied and can be recreational, playful and/or professional. The best price for a quality smoke bomb.

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Enhance your Evenings with the White Smoke Bomb Pyragric

Turn any celebration into a magical moment with Pyragric's White Smoke Bomb. This exceptional smoke bomb, designed by a leader in pyrotechnics since 1935, creates a thick cloud of white smoke for 60 seconds, ideal for events such as weddings, birthdays, or to add a touch of mystery to your paintball or airsoft games.

The ease of use of this smoke bomb, which complies with safety standards, allows for safe use during outdoor gatherings, providing an impressive visual effect for your leisure or professional activities. Its smoke emission system allows for versatile use, whether for photo shoots, sporting events, or as a surprise element at your parties.

  • Versatile & Impactful Use: Perfect for outdoor games and special events, creating strong and memorable moments.
  • Quality Pyragric: A guarantee of performance and safety, reflecting the know-how of an expert in pyrotechnics.
  • Ease of use: Designed for simple and efficient implementation, suitable for various contexts.
  • Exceptional Duration: Enjoy one minute of dense smoke for an immersive and intense experience.
  • Perfect for photos: Create unique memories with a white smoke background for your wedding photos or other celebrations.

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Active Ingredient
20 to 30 grams
Package of
1 piece
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The Tiger
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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