Bag of 11 Torpedo Rockets

Bag of 11 Torpedo Rockets

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This pack of 11 Torpedo rockets from Ardi is ideal for lighting up the sky during your next fireworks display. With intense colors that don't disperse instantaneously, each rocket explodes into a generous shape. Tips for a successful show included. Easy to use with a small stem to plant them in the ground, these rockets will give relief to your fireworks.

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Set of 11 Torpedo Rockets: A Dazzling Sky with Ardi

After the success of the Glory Night 16-Pack Rockets, turn your celebrations into unforgettable moments with the Ardi Torpedo Rockets 11-Pack, a top choice for fireworks enthusiasts. This exclusive pack promises you a spectacular illumination of the sky, thanks to its high-quality, large-caliber rockets.

Mind-Blowing Rockets for Maximum Effect

The Torpedo Pack includes Cross Fire and Bomber rockets, ensuring bright silver and white effects, as well as a shimmering peony and a green star. With 274 grams of active ingredient, expect a show of rare intensity.

Tips for a Successful Show

  • Launch these rockets at the beginning of the show for the best visual effect.
  • Mix and match with other types of artifice for a diverse effect.
  • Ideal to start or punctuate your fireworks show.

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Don't miss the opportunity to turn your event into a luminous wonderland with our Set of 11 Torpedo Rockets. Order now and make your party an extraordinary one!


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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 200 to 300 grams
Package of
10/11 pieces
Sales Register
30/34 mm

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