12 Fusées Sifflets Couleurs

12 Colored Whistle Rockets

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Experience an unforgettable fireworks show with these 12 Color Whistle Rockets, which send red and green whistling stars into the sky for a magical atmosphere. With a caliber of 12 mm and capable of climbing to a height of 35 meters, these rockets offer you the promise of a memorable evening with a breathtaking visual and sound rendering. Shop now at petard-artifice.com and give your celebrations the spectacular touch they deserve with these high-quality fireworks rockets.

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Whistle Rockets Color: A Starry Sky of Sound and Light

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Colour Whistle Rockets, available exclusively on petard-artifice.com. These 12 fireworks will turn any evening into an unforgettable spectacle, launching whistling stars in red and green colors into the sky.

With a caliber of 12 mm and an ability to reach an impressive height of 35 meters, each rocket promises a breathtaking visual and sound rendering. These rockets are perfect for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, national holidays or any other special occasion where you want to add a touch of magic and spectacle.

Enjoy superior pyrotechnic quality by purchasing these whistling rockets on petard-artifice.com. Their visual and sound performances are guaranteed to dazzle and entertain your guests. Make your event a memorable one with these colorful, whistling rockets! And if you want a complete show, add the Senior Mix Cheap Fireworks Bag to your order.

  • High Performance: Climbed to 35 meters for a grandiose visual effect.
  • Dazzling Colors: Red and green whistling stars for a celestial spectacle.
  • Pyrotechnic Quality: Buy these high-end rockets on Petard-Artifice.com.
  • For All Celebrations: Ideal for birthdays, weddings and national holidays.
  • Shooting Height: 35 m

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
40 to 50 grams
Package of
12 pieces
Sales Register
12/13 mm

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