6 Fusées Parachute Fluo

6 fluorescent parachute rockets

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The Fluo Parachute Rockets x6 : a pyrotechnic show where fluorescent green stars rise to 35 meters before descending gracefully by parachute. With 6 pieces per pack and 3 grams of active ingredient, these 16mm caliber rockets offer a moment of pure magic. Ideal for amateurs and professionals, they are available on petard-artifice.com.

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6 fluorescent parachute rockets

Rekindle the enchantment with the Parachute Fluo x6 rockets, a must-have for pyrotechnics enthusiasts and professionals alike. These 16 mm caliber rockets are an emblematic reference in our catalog and stand out for their playful and spectacular appearance, which you can easily complete with the Solo compact fireworks.

Each rocket soars through the air, reaching an altitude of 35 meters, before deploying a green star effect that slowly descends, illuminating the night sky with its fluorescent glow. The spectacle is made even more magical by the parachute that accompanies the star in its gentle and poetic descent.

  • Enchanted Classic: A traditional experience for all fireworks enthusiasts.
  • Captivating Height: Reaches 35 meters for a striking visual effect.
  • Playful aspect: Ideal for capturing the imagination of apprentice pyrotechnicians and spectators of all ages.
  • Precise Caliber: A 16 mm caliber for a perfect ascent and deployment of the star.
  • Secure Design: Meets F2 grade for safe and controlled use.
  • Active Ingredient: Each pack contains 3 grams of active ingredient, ensuring a luminous and long-lasting effect.

These Parachute Fluo x6 rockets are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your events. They are available on petard-artifice.com, ready to enchant your nightly celebrations with their green starry descent and floating parachute. A celestial experience to share!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
20 to 30 grams
Package of
6 pieces
Sales Register
14/16 mm

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