12 Fusées Reflet n°1

12 Reflection Rockets n°1

€7.99 Tax included

The Reflection No. 1 12-Pack offers spectacular and affordable fireworks for all your celebrations. With four different effects included, you'll dazzle the spectators and make every event unforgettable. These powerful and economical rockets are perfect for those looking for quality fireworks without breaking the bank. Don't miss the opportunity to create magical memories with the 12-pack of Reflection No. 1 rockets!


Reflection Rockets n°1: A Enchantment of Colors and Effects

Before diving into the mesmerizing spectacle of the Baby Power 21 compact fireworks display, explore the other wonders of pyrotechnics with Reflection No. 1 Rockets. This unique pack of 12 rockets will turn your parties into a colourful pyrotechnic display. Designed for fireworks enthusiasts, these rockets offer a variety of effects and remarkable power at an affordable price, ideal for dazzling at any event.

  • Dazzling Effects Palette: Explore a range of colors and styles for a stunning show.
  • Budget-Friendly Choice: Enjoy spectacular rockets without breaking your budget.
  • Impressive Range: 16mm caliber rockets rising to 35 meters for maximum visual impact.
  • Diversified Pyrotechnic Experience: 36 grams of active ingredient per box for a diverse and memorable show.
  • For All Your Events: Perfect for enlivening weddings, birthdays, and other special celebrations.

Reflection Rockets No. 1 are the perfect choice for a memorable celebration, with skies illuminated with magnificence and creativity.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
30 to 40 grams
Package of
12 pieces
Sales Register
14/16 mm

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