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Flash Dance Fireworks

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The compact FLASH DANCE : an explosion of twinkling silver and gold 25mm calibre lights. With 16 shots and a powder weight of 0.182 kg, this 25-second fireworks display rises to a height of 25 meters, perfect for enlivening your evenings. Find it on petard-artifice.com for a breathtaking experience.

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Compact "FLASH DANCE" by Le Tigre

Discover the glittering show of Le Tigre's® "FLASH DANCE". This compact offers 16 25mm shots, creating a luminous ballet in the sky. With silver and gold effects, each shot brings its own unique sparkle. Imagine a dancing sky with dazzling lights, captivating all eyes. Perfect for memorable evenings, this fireworks display is available on petard-artifice.com. For the full pyrotechnic experience, pair it with the Fire Images compact fireworks. The cheap fireworks are all on Firecracker & Fireworks.

  • Mesmerizing Color Palette: Masterful blend of silver and gold for a stunning show.
  • Caliber and Power: 25 mm for grandiose effect, each shot promises an imposing presence.
  • Enchanting Duration: 25 seconds of visual and auditory wonders, creating a vaporous tableau in the night sky.
  • Spectacular Height: The effects reach up to 25 meters, ensuring extended visibility.
  • Triptych Experience: Part of a series with "DEEP BLUE" and "PALM RAY", for a full celebration.
  • Optimized Powder: 0.182 kg of powder for a balanced show between safety and brilliance.

Perfect for dazzling your parties, "FLASH DANCE" is available on petard-artifice.com. Weddings, birthdays or special events, this compact is your ticket to a night of enchantment. Pair it with its companions for an unparalleled pyrotechnic experience.

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Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
Sales Register
21/25 mm
The Tiger
15/19 Shots

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