Feu d'artifice Visa pour les Etoiles

Visa for the Stars Fireworks

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The compact Visa for the Stars fireworks display is 25 shots with a caliber of 30 mm. 25 glittering silver, green, red, orange bombettes. The final burst of sound is shimmering silver. The duration of the pyrotechnic show is 35 seconds. Height at 65 meters and a total powder weight of 450 grams. Light up the sky at a low price with the selection of Firecrackers and Fireworks. A single wick light...


Fireworks – Visa for the Stars

Go on a cosmic expedition with "Pyragric – Visa for the Stars". This fireworks display is much more than just a spectacle; It's an open door to a sparkling universe. Each shot, with its vivid and mesmerizing color palette, evokes a journey through distant constellations. The pyrotechnic performance promises to transform every space into a veritable celestial theater, letting your guests travel through the galaxies with an unprecedented light show.

Imagine a night sky suddenly enlivened by a succession of 25 brilliant shots, projecting their fires up to an altitude of 65 meters. The rockets in the compact Visa for the Stars are designed to create a mosaic of light, painting the sky with shades of red, green, orange and silver. Each explosion is a celebration of color and sound, ending with a finale of silvery crackling rain that seems to dance among the stars. The effect is so vivid that it seems like every star is descending to earth to join your party.

  • Captivating Show: Vibrant colors and effects equivalent to a professional show.
  • Ease of Use: Simple ignition for an impressive show.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion: Ideal for outdoor parties, parties and special celebrations.

Don't miss the opportunity to add a touch of magic to your events with the "Pyragric – Visa for the Stars", available on Firecracker and Fireworks. Your evening will be transformed into a real interstellar journey!

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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
400 to 500 grams
Sales Register
30/34 mm
The Tiger
20/25 Shots

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