Feu d'artifice Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs Fireworks

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The compact Visa for the Stars fireworks display is 25 shots with a caliber of 30 mm. 25 glittering silver, green, red, orange bombettes. The final burst of sound is shimmering silver. The duration of the pyrotechnic show is 35 seconds. Height at 65 meters and a total powder weight of 450 grams. Light up the sky at a low price with the selection of Firecrackers and Fireworks. A single wick light...


Compact Dragon Eggs - Experience a Starry Evening

After the enchantments of the Atomic Sisters Candles, the Compact Dragon Eggs invites you to an evening under the stars. This 7-start fireworks display transforms any evening into a bright and memorable celebration, perfect for surprising and delighting your loved ones.

Thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio, the Compact Dragon Eggs is accessible and offers large-scale entertainment at a low price. With its artifices that rise like shooting stars, it promises a show full of magic and joy. Complete the experience with additional accessories such as the bag of 6 smoke balls, ideal for children.

  • Dazzle Guaranteed: 7 departures for a sky illuminated with splendour.
  • Affordable & Spectacular: A fireworks show at a low price.
  • Suitable for Any Space: Perfect for tight outdoor spaces.
  • Shooting Star Magic: Captivating visual effects for a return to childhood.
  • Complete the Show: Add more fireworks for an extended show.
  • Caliber: 20 mm
  • Active ingredient: 56 grams
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 9.5 x 10 cm

On petard-artifice.com, the Compact Draggon Eggs is an invitation to make your evenings sparkle. Order now and let yourself be transported by a fascinating celestial spectacle. Add the Dragon Eggs to kick off your show with a shower of silver stars!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
400 to 500 grams
Sales Register
19/20 mm
The Tiger
6/9 Shots

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