Salvation Fireworks

Salvation Fireworks

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p>Caution, this is heavy duty. Like a mortar, 6 assorted-color peonies for spectacular effects. 20 seconds of pure delight for the eyes. The big shots of the fireworks soar over 75 meters with a detonation worthy of your village's fireworks. With the Salvation fireworks from Pyragric, step fully into the world of the finest pyrotechnicians.

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Pyragric's Salvation Fireworks

The compact Salvation fireworks from Pyragric, available at, are designed to provide a spectacular pyrotechnic show on the scale of the largest public fireworks displays, right at your doorstep. Whether for personal occasions such as weddings and birthdays or for professional events, the New Salvation is the ideal choice for a memorable celebration. A Grand Spectacle at Home

A Dazzling Pyrotechnic Display:

  • XXL pack with over 250 grams of active material.
  • Easy to set up for outdoor use by individuals.
  • Six ready-to-use rockets bursting into magnificent peonies of six different colors: red, white, yellow, purple, green, and blue.
  • Huge caliber: 50 mm

Each rocket of the New Salvation offers a majestic bouquet that will illuminate the sky, creating a magical and unforgettable moment. With a firing height reaching up to 75 meters and a duration of twenty seconds, this spectacle will captivate all eyes. The vibrant and dazzling colors ensure a guaranteed "wow" effect among your guests.

Complete your evening with other compact fireworks: For an even grander spectacle, pair the Salvation Big Shot with the Illiade Compact of 26 Shots, also available on our website. This combination promises an unforgettable evening, worthy of the greatest events.

Safety Tips: Be sure to follow the provided safety instructions and maintain an appropriate distance for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Make your evenings unforgettable with Pyragric's Salvation fireworks. Explore our selection of compacts on and choose from the finest fireworks for a magical and stunning celebration.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 200 to 300 grams
Sales Register
48 mm
Pro Edition
6/9 Shots
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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