Fireworks Hawaii

Fireworks Hawaii

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Head to Hawaii with Firecracker and Fireworks. Hawaii, its beaches, its starry nights, and now its automatic fireworks display. Pretty nice numbers: 28 shots, 25 mm caliber, 220 grams of powder, 55 seconds of masterful show, 45 m high, and 5 paintings + 1 final bouquet. Tracer comets, crackling bombettes that end up in Golden Rain. A stunning finale. The Hawaii fireworks display is an instant journey to summer nights.

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Automatic Fireworks Hawaii from Pyragric

Experience the splendor of Hawaiian nights with the Pyragric Hawaii Automatic Fireworks, an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience that illuminates every event with sparkling shades. Imagine an evening when the sky is transformed into a living canvas, decorated with vibrant colors and bursts of light. This fireworks display, reaching up to 45 meters, promises a dazzling visual symphony, perfect for enchanting your celebrations, from weddings to block parties.

  • Dazzling Color Palette: Enjoy a variety of hues, from ruby reds to emerald greens, creating a visual spectacle worthy of the biggest parties.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and easy set-up, it provides a hassle-free pyrotechnic experience.
  • High Altitude Show: Enjoy an impressive pyrotechnic performance, visible from afar and memorable.
  • Versatility of Use: Ideal for all your celebrations, bringing a magical touch to every occasion.

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Note: Always follow the safety instructions and make sure you have the necessary permits for the use of fireworks.


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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 200 to 300 grams
Sales Register
30/34 mm
The Tiger
26/29 Shots

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