Fireworks Tam Tam 100

Fireworks Tam Tam 100

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Compact "TAM-TAM® PUISSANCE 100": The legacy of the Le Tigre® collection in 100 whistling rockets for a festive start in style. Enjoy a 38-second show that launches its rockets 20 meters high. With a powder weight of 0.038 kg, this classic is ready to liven up your evenings. Find out more on


Compact "TAM-TAM® POWER 100"

Relive the tradition of fireworks with the compact "TAM-TAM® PUISSANCE 100", a timeless classic from the Le Tigre® collection. This staple of the festivities captivates the audience with its 100 whistling rockets that take off in a rhythmic and harmonious ballet in the night sky.

Each rocket of the "TAM-TAM® PUISSANCE 100" creates a symphony of whistles that rise to a crescendo, transforming the silence of the night into a sparkling and invigorating melody. This small but mighty fireworks display, which has been around for years, remains a favorite for its ability to instantly brighten up the atmosphere of any celebration. Buy the heavy-gauge candles for an even stronger show.

  • Exhilarating Whistling: 100 rockets that whistle in a burst, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
  • Classic Compact: An old classic from the Le Tigre® collection, synonymous with quality and tradition.
  • Perfect to start with: Ideal for starting a show, it establishes a rhythm and captivates attention from the start.
  • Guaranteed Effect: A sight that delights and surprises with every use.
  • Measured Performance: A duration of 38 seconds for a long enough effect without overshadowing the other elements of the show.
  • Ideal height: The rockets reach a height of 20 meters, perfect for optimal visibility without being too intrusive.
  • Light Load: With a powder weight of only 0.038 kg, it ensures a safe and controlled show.

Let the "TAM-TAM® PUISSANCE 100" set the tempo of your evenings and order the on It is the perfect prelude to a night of celebration and joy, a pyrotechnic tradition that continues to shine through generations.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
30 to 40 grams
Sales Register
10/11 mm
The Tiger
80/100 hits

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