Cake Silver Palm Fireworks

Cake Silver Palm Fireworks

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The compact Pyragric Cake Silver Palm is made up of 19 30 mm silver palms at an altitude of more than 30 metres. Lasting 40 seconds, the show will be grandiose and will convince your friends. A maxi compact fireworks display at a low price because the pleasure of the eyes is within everyone's reach.

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Pyragric Cake Silver Palm Fireworks

Check out Pyragric's Cake Silver Palm Compact Fireworks Display, a sensational fireworks display that turns every celebration into a stunning one. Part of our Professional Edition collection, the Cake Silver Palm amazes with its silver palm shape majestically illuminating the night sky. Each trigger creates a dramatic ascent, forming the trunk of the palm tree before exploding into a series of glittering branches that invariably captivate the audience.

This pyrotechnic masterpiece is not only sublime but also surprising in its incredibly affordable price. Accessible to all, it allows you to put on a large-scale show without exceeding your budget. Ideal for birthdays, proposals, or simply to add a touch of magic to your evenings with friends, the Silver Palm Cake is a no-brainer for all your special moments.

  • Spectacular Effect: 19 silver palm trees shining in the sky.
  • Affordable Price: A grandiose show at a low price.
  • Sustainability of the Show: Long lasting with 19 starts.
  • Adaptability: Perfect for any type of event.
  • Thrill: Creates an unforgettable and magical moment.

At, we are committed to providing memorable experiences through superior products. Our customers benefit from fast delivery, responsive customer service and the best prices on the market. With the Cake Silver Palm, you are guaranteed to get a mesmerizing show that will leave a lasting impression. For an even more mesmerizing evening, combine it with our Red Bengals for an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Pétard et Artifice also recommends the purchase of the compact Syberius, to prolong the show.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 300 to 400 grams
Sales Register
30/34 mm
Pro Edition
15/19 Shots

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