Eden Fireworks

Eden Fireworks

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Discover COMPACT EDEN from the SOFT POWER range : a less noisy but majestic fireworks display. With rare and sophisticated effects, Eden promises a unique pyrotechnic experience. Immerse yourself in a magical night with Eden!

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COMPACT EDEN: Enchanted Sweetness in the Night Sky

Experience the magic of the night with the COMPACT EDEN from the SOFT POWER range, a pyrotechnic creation that combines elegance and majesty. Its sophisticated design offers a quieter experience, ideal for those looking to enjoy the beauty of fireworks in a peaceful atmosphere.

This unique fireworks display offers you rare and enchanting effects. Imagine luminous trails reminiscent of graceful ponytails, dancing across the sky in a harmonious ballet. These spectacular effects, often reserved for big shows, are now available to enrich your evenings.

  • Refined Pyrotechnic Effects: Long light trails for a fairytale atmosphere.
  • Less Noisy Experience: Ideal for a more peaceful and equally dazzling evening.
  • Dimensions and Specifications: 33x 17 x 31 cm, 70 shots, 25 mm gauge, duration 30 seconds, F2 category, height 30 m.
  • Compatibility: Blends perfectly with other fireworks for a complete show.

On Firecrackers and Fireworks, discover the EDEN COMPACT and transform your evenings into magical moments. To continue your pyrotechnic adventure, explore our SOFT POWER range, offering professional effects in a spirit of softness and elegance. Let yourself be seduced by our compact fireworks display Phiéas le Mage, another treasure of this innovative range.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
800 to 999 grams
Sales Register
21/25 mm
The Tiger
60/70 Shots
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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