Compact Gravity

Compact Gravity

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The compact Gravity fireworks display from WECO : 16 multi-coloured fire pots and bright stars, for a duration of 20 seconds and an effect height of 35 m. With a gross weight of 0.41 kg and a NEM of 54.88 g, classified as an F2 category, it is the perfect choice for an intense and colorful show. Available for your special events.

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WECO "Gravity" Fireworks

WECO's "Gravity" fireworks display is a dazzling celebration in the world of pyrotechnics. Designed to captivate and fascinate, this compact fireworks display offers an exceptional visual experience, perfect for all types of events.

"Gravity" impresses with its 16 blasts, which launch bouquets of gold, red, green and yellow colors into the sky, accompanied by bright stars. Each shot creates an array of brilliance and color, illuminating the sky from a height of 35 meters. With a burn time of about 20 seconds, this show is brief but intensely memorable.

  • Vibrant Color Palette: Bouquets of diverse colours for a spectacular visual effect.
  • Bright Stars: Stars that twinkle intensely, adding a touch of magic to each explosion.
  • Effect Height: The effects rise up to 35 meters, guaranteeing impressive visibility.
  • Fast & Intense Performance: A burn time of 20 seconds for a dynamic and captivating show.
  • Security & Compliance: Classified as an F2 category, "Gravity" is designed for safe use.
  • Weight & Composition: With a gross weight of 0.41 kg and a NEM (Net Explosive Mass) of 54.88 g, it offers a balance between safety and performance.

The "Gravity" fireworks display is a centerpiece for those looking to add a strong visual impact to their festivities. Order it now for an unforgettable experience. Its mix of colors, sounds, and lights makes it a must-see attraction for all your celebrations. And if you want to complement your fireworks show, the new Mini Mix fireworks bag will amaze the youngest.

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Active Ingredient
50 to 70 grams
Sales Register
7/9 mm
15/19 Shots

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