Compact The Ardist - Surréaliste

Compact The Ardist - Surreal

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Surrealism is an artistic movement of the twentieth century, comprising all the processes of creation and expression using all psychic forces freed from the control of reason and fighting against received values. Now experience the equivalence with a fireworks display with red, green, gold, purple and blue effects. The Ardist is 19 20 mm caliber starts for a festival of colours.

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The Surrealist Ardist by ARDI : Unleash Your Celestial Creativity

Elevate your evening with The Ardist Surrealist Fireworks, an assortment of imaginative fireworks from ARDI. This compact invites you to compose celestial paintings in various hues, from passionate reds to mysterious greens, evoking the surrealist dreams of André Breton.

Create unique and personal fireworks displays, from celestial flower arrangements to ephemeral yet grandiose images. With The Ardist Surrealist, transcend traditional fireworks, offering your guests an extraordinary show, a waking dream under a constellation of colors. AND in the meantime, the youngest will be busy playing the sorcerer's apprentice with the bag of 127 fireworks from the Explorer bag.

  • Varied Colour Palette: An extensive range for endless creations.
  • Celestial Surrealism: 119 blows, visual effects that invite you to dream and poetry.
  • Personalized Experience: Compose unique shows, tailored to your event.
  • Quality ARDI: Rely on the expertise of a leader in pyrotechnics.
  • For All Events: Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and all celebrations.

Choose The Ardist Surreal from ARDI on for a party illuminated with surreal beauty. Express your pyrotechnic art and set the sky of your dreams on fire!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
10 to 12 grams
Sales Register
19/20 mm
15/19 Shots

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