Pétards Demon Slim

Demon Slim Firecrackers

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The Demon Slim, with its classic design and explosive power, is the perfect choice for a lively night out. These cheap firecrackers are ideal for anyone looking for quality fireworks at an affordable price, guaranteeing fun and thrills with every explosion.


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Slim Demon - The Must-Have Slim Firecracker for an Explosion of Joy

Immerse yourself in the world of the Demon Slim, the emblematic firecrackers for all pyrotechnics lovers. Their classic design and explosive power make them perfect for a multitude of occasions, from lively national holidays with friends to colorful celebrations. These cheap but exceptionally high-quality firecrackers are sold in packs of five, promising five times as much fun and excitement. The Slim Demon is the perfect choice for those looking for the best firecracker for a festive and dynamic experience. The pack of 5 firecrackers contains 5 grams of active ingredient.

Despite their appearance as large candles, the Slim Demons, measuring eleven centimeters, are true forces of nature. Classified as an F3 category, they are synonymous with powerful firecrackers and memorable explosions. Whether you're looking to impress at a party or add a special touch to your night out, these cheap fireworks deliver impressive performance, at a price accessible to all. The sales format guarantees excellent value for money, allowing everyone to treat themselves to high-end entertainment without breaking the bank.

  • Timeless design: The Démon Slim stands out for its classic and recognizable aesthetic.
  • Spectacular Explosions: Enjoy brilliant and powerful explosions, thanks to their F3 category.
  • Accessibility & Quality: Exceptional value for money, making firecrackers affordable for everyone.
  • Rigorous Safety Standards: Compliant with CE standards, ensuring safety and reliability with every use.
  • Perfect for All Events: Ideal for adding a festive and playful dimension to all your celebrations.

For even more intense sensations, don't forget to discover our Démon X Large, another must-have in our Demon range, designed for even more explosive moments. Whether you choose Demon Slim or Demon X Large, get ready to experience unforgettable pyrotechnic moments!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
4 to 6 grams
Package of
5 pieces
Sales Register
10/11 mm