Pétards Super Bison 1

Super Bison Firecrackers 1

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With the Super Bison 1 firecracker, you can take explosion simulation to the next level. The Le Tigre brand was created by the company Pyragric, a specialist in fireworks and firecrackers. The Bison range is available in several intensities. With the cheap Tiger Super Bison 1 , you'll get an even more intense boom than with many classic firecrackers.


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Super Bison 1 - The Tiger: A Powerful Firecracker for Festive Atmospheres

Kick your celebrations up a notch with the Super Bison 1 - The Tiger, a must-have favorite among powerful and inexpensive firecrackers. This pyrotechnic marvel, perfect for adding joy and entertainment to any party, is a flagship product of the famous Le Tigre brand. Its explosive performance guarantees you a dynamic atmosphere and unforgettable moments.

The Super Bison 1, intended for outdoor use, shines with its amazing sound power. Its detonation, which complies with European standards, places it in the category of the best firecrackers on the market. This small but powerful artifice is an excellent choice for those looking to brighten up their evenings without breaking the bank, offering both safety and quality.

Compared to its cousin the Bison 1 firecracker, the Super Bison 1 takes it up a notch in terms of power and noise, making every festive event more vibrant and memorable. Its explosive charge, made up of the best elements, guarantees a spectacular sound effect and an adrenaline experience for all participants.

Don't wait any longer to throw the perfect party. Order your Super Bison 1 - The Tiger today on petard-artifice.com and get ready for evenings full of noise, laughter and joy. With this choice of firecrackers, every moment becomes an occasion for celebration and fun.

  • Impressive Sound Power: Ideal for a festive and noisy atmosphere.
  • Affordable Price: Pyrotechnic fun within everyone's reach.
  • Compliance with Standards: Safety and quality guaranteed.
  • Festive Choice: Perfect for all your celebrations.
  • Easy to Use: Simple to turn on for instant effect.
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x ø 1.9 cm

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4 to 6 grams
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