Sachet 52 Artifices Graduate

Bag of 52 Artifices Graduate

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Bag of 52 Artifices Graduate for extraordinary evenings . You have all the best references of the pyrotechnic brand Ardi gathered in one pack. It's up to you to create your own fireworks display and please all your friends. Football, Birthday, New Year, Christmas, or just for fun, this selection of fireworks will make you happy.

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European Graduate bag: a complete pyrotechnic assortment

The European Graduate Bag of 52 fireworks is a perfect assortment for those who love pyrotechnics, both complete and varied. This pack, ideal for fireworks enthusiasts, includes a wide range of pieces to create a captivating show for the whole family or on evenings with friends.

  • Variety of Fireworks: A wide selection including crackling demon eggs, candles, flying firecracker rockets and more.
  • Visual and Sound Show: Enjoy a complete pyrotechnic show, from crackle to color, for visual and auditory pleasure.
  • Complete Pack: With a variety of fireworks such as fountains, spinning tops and rockets, this pack promises fun and wonder.
  • For All Levels: Suitable for pyrotechnics beginners as well as for the more experienced, offering a fun and safe experience.
  • Economical & Practical: An affordable assortment, allowing you to enjoy a variety of effects without breaking the bank.

The European Graduate Pack is a great option for those looking for a diverse assortment of fireworks. Ideal for parties and gatherings, it ensures a dazzling and memorable show. Discover this pack on, your reference for cheap and quality fireworks.

For the pleasure of the eyes and ears of the whole family, the European Graduate Cheap Fireworks Pack includes:

  • 6 Crackling Demon Eggs
  • 4 Candles Ardi 10 Effects
  • 12 Flying Firecracker Rockets
  • 2 Crescendo Fountains
  • 1 Multicolored Fountain
  • 1 Silver Fountain
  • 2 Routers
  • 12 Whistling Rockets
  • 1 10-shot candle
  • 7 Rockets
  • 1 Solo Compact Fireworks
  • 1 Happy Compact Fireworks
  • 2 Ignition Sticks

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Active Ingredient
from 100 to 200 grams
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Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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