Sachet 47 Artifices Top Mix

Bag of 47 Artifices Top Mix

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Welcome to the world of the TOP MIX assortment ! With 47 carefully chosen fireworks, this pack offers an extraordinary pyrotechnic show. From rockets to flying tourbillons, each piece has been designed to captivate your senses. The variety of effects, combined with a secure approach, makes it the ideal option for memorable celebrations. Immerse yourself in the magic of fireworks with TOP MIX now!

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Assortment TOP MIX - 47 playful little fireworks

Experience the excitement and joy of fireworks with the TOP MIX Assortment. Composed of 47 carefully selected fireworks, this assortment offers an exceptional pyrotechnic show that will amaze your guests. Each piece has been chosen to provide an unforgettable visual and sound experience, creating moments of magic in the night sky. Continue your show with a set of 12 cheap Sifflets Couleurs rockets available on your online fireworks site Petard & Artifice.


  • 47 carefully selected playful fireworks displays for a memorable experience.
  • The variety includes rockets, twinkling candles, crackling balls, and flying swirls.
  • Each piece is designed for quality, safety and visual spectacle.
  • The rockets soar with bright, colorful streaks across the sky.
  • Candles burst into twinkling showers of thousands of stars.
  • The crackling balls emit vibrant crackling sounds for a touch of magic.
  • Flying swirls create captivating spirals in the night sky.


Your safety is our priority. The TOP MIX Fireworks Assortment adheres to strict safety guidelines and is subject to a sales register. Adult supervision is recommended during use to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


The TOP MIX Fireworks Assortment is designed for joyful celebrations. It is suitable for all kinds of events, from family gatherings to special occasions. Follow the instructions provided on each firework display for proper use. Maintain a safe distance and ensure a stable surface to place flares and candles.

Elevate your celebrations:

Safely immerse yourself in the captivating world of fireworks with the TOP MIX assortment. Add a touch of enchantment to your events with this assortment, ideal for any festive occasion. Shop now and get ready to light up the sky with these high-quality playful fireworks displays

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