Sachet 62 Artifices Fan Mix

Bag of 62 Artifices Fan Mix

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Fan Mix bag of 62 fireworks intended for the youngest, but always under the supervision of parents. A pack to do like the grown-ups, to light up outdoor evenings and make a lot of noise, but not too much... This pack of small fireworks brings together the best of the Le Tigre brand

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Ideal Fan Mix Kit for Birthdays - 62 Fireworks

Discover the Fan Mix Kit, the perfect choice for birthdays and children's parties. This set of 62 fireworks includes finger clacks, flashes, swirls, crackles, fountains and more, creating a playful and impressive atmosphere for any family event. Designed and designed for children, this bag of about sixty fireworks will mark all the holidays with lasting memories, just like the bag of 91 Happy Mix fireworks.

Accessible to children from 12 years old, each fireworks is equipped with a firebrand for more safety. These varied artifices will allow your children to experience an unforgettable birthday, filled with magic and surprises.

The Fan Mix Kit is ideal for outdoors - perfect for the garden or terrace. It will turn every anniversary into a memorable celebration, with a captivating visual and sound atmosphere that will appeal to all generations. With its multiple options, this kit will create lasting memories for all the children present. Once again, Pétard & Artifice proves to you that you are on the best site for cheap fireworks.

  • 62 Various Artifices: Tornad'djinn, Lil'dragon, Nitro ball, clac'doigts and Ugly Franky.
  • Child Safety: Designed for the youngest with ignition embers to limit the risks.
  • Ideal for all parties: birthdays, outdoor celebrations, and much more.
  • Easy to use: Simple kit suitable for family use.
  • Visual and Sound Effects: Ensures a festive and magical atmosphere.
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 24 cm

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- 12 years old

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