Bag of 30 Artifices Mini Mix

Bag of 30 Artifices Mini Mix

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Discover the "MINI MIX" assortment : a pack of 5 boxes for a total of 30 fun and varied fireworks. Includes "DRAGON FURY", "TORNAD'DJINN", "NITRO BALL", "BOB L'ÉCLAIR", and "KRAK'BILL", each offering unique effects, from crackling and swirling to sparks and flashes. Ideal for young and old, this assortment is available on to enchant your festivities.

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Assortment "MINI MIX"

The "MINI MIX" assortment is a carefully chosen collection to bring fun and variety to all your festive occasions. With 5 boxes totalling 30 fireworks, this pack offers a range of pyrotechnic pleasures suitable for family and convivial use. And if you're celebrating a birthday, consider the Birthday Table Bomb.

Within this assortment, you will find:

1 box of "DRAGON FURY", which unleashes crackling chains for a captivating auditory and visual experience;
1 box of "TORNAD'DJINN", which features sparkling swirls on the ground, evoking flaming whirling dervishes;
1 box of "NITRO BALL", where the crackling balls promise moments of wonder;
1 box of "BOB L'ECLAIR", offering sudden flash effects to surprise and dazzle;
1 box of "KRAK'BILL", which closes the show with festive crackling.

  • Diversity of effects: A range of artifices to vary the pleasures and sensations.
  • Fun Guaranteed: Perfect for parties with family or friends, these fireworks promise laughter and surprises.
  • Ease of Use: Devices designed to be easy to handle and use safely.
  • User-friendliness: Ideal for introducing the youngest to the joy of fireworks under supervision.

Each box of the "MINI MIX" has been selected for its originality and entertaining character. Available on, this assortment is an invitation to discover and celebrate joyful moments. Don't wait any longer to add a touch of fantasy to your evenings with these charming little artifices.

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