Sachet 127 Artifices Explorer

Bag of 127 Artifices Explorer

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Discover the exciting world of fireworks with the Explorer bag, designed to amaze and captivate beginners over the age of 12. With 127 fireworks per bag offering a multitude of varied effects, your pyrotechnic experience promises to be unforgettable. Order now on and let the exploration of pyrotechnic wonders begin!

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The Explorer Sachet: The Festive World of Fireworks

Experience the magic of pyrotechnics with the Explorer 127-Piece Fireworks Pack. Ideal for novices over the age of 12, this varied F1 class pack is the perfect introduction to captivating pyrotechnic effects.

The bag includes a variety of tricks for a dazzling show: two boxes of 50 Petsec®, a bag of 8 Crackling Demon® Eggs, 13 Spinning Tops® and a box of 6 white flashing Technos®. Enjoy a pyrotechnic experience of 127 different fireworks.

  • Diversified Experience: A wide choice of fireworks for guaranteed dazzle.
  • Safety & Ease: Designed for ages 12, perfect for beginners.
  • Total Weight: 48 grams, promising varied and spectacular effects.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring unforgettable pyrotechnic entertainment.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various celebrations for total enchantment.

Treat yourself to the fireworks show with the Explorer Sachet. Order on and start an unforgettable adventure in the world of fireworks.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
40 to 50 grams
Sales Register
Prohibited Sale
- 12 years old

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