Sachet 37 Artifices Amateur

Bag of 37 Amateur Fireworks

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The European Amateur Ardi Fireworks Bag is an assortment of 34 pyrotechnics, designed for amateurs. It includes candles with 10 effects, flying firecracker rockets, a Crescendo fountain, spinning tops, Tsetse, and whistling rockets. Ideal for beginners, this pack offers a colorful and accessible show.


Fireworks Bag Ardi European Amateur

Light up your evening with a fireworks show thanks to this bag of 34 fireworks from the brand Ardi, designed especially for beginners and at a low price. Multicolored rockets, flying firecrackers, magnificent candles, everything is included to offer a magical and luminous show to your audience. Keep in mind that these devices are not toys and should not be handled by children. This bag is the perfect complement to another fireworks bag, the fabulous Monark Rocket Pack.

The composition of the European Amateur bag

  • 3 candles Ardi 10 effects
  • 12 Flying Firecracker Rockets
  • 1 Crescendo Fountain
  • 2 Routers
  • 4 Tsetse
  • 12 rockets, whistles, firecrackers
  • 2 rockets

The sky is beautiful and the party is in full swing, don't hesitate any longer and treat your friends and family to an unforgettable show with the Ardi European Amateur fireworks bag. Pyrotechnics has never been so accessible at all levels. All you need is a lighter to start the fire. Find the best prices for fireworks at Pétard & Artifice, and let yourself be tempted by the magic of pyrotechnics.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
40 to 50 grams
Sales Register
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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