VIP Fireworks 434

VIP Fireworks 434

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The VIP 434 is composed of 6 modules and only requires a simple manual ignition that will reveal almost 6 minutes of show. A magnificent festival of 28 spectacular effects with 434 shots for a show at a height of 50 meters. The VIP 434 carries nearly 3 kg of active ingredient, enough to impress your guests with tracer comets, bouquets of large-scale fireworks, etc.

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VIP Fireworks 434 - Big Events

This is the biggest fireworks display at our site. If you are looking for a spectacular fireworks set from our semi-professional range, the VIP 434 is for you! Here's more information about this amazing product.

An ideal fireworks display for your festive events

The VIP 434 fireworks display is made up of 6 modules that represent nearly 6 minutes of breathtaking sound and light show. Young and old alike will be amazed by the different types of fireworks on offer. Explosive, glittering and always impressive, fireworks are the highlight of a party, the one that everyone always looks forward to. Thanks to them, you'll be able to turn a simple party into an extraordinary moment that will mark the minds of attendees for years to come!

Light up the sky with a thousand lights

Launched 50 meters high towards a night sky, this fireworks display will allow you to light up your festive evenings with a thousand lights! This colorful show is sure to impress your guests, whether it's a birthday, proposal, reception, or any other event. From bouquets of all kinds, tracer comets and much more, you will discover a total of 28 different lighting effects. A fireworks display is always spectacular and this pack will not disappoint!

An unforgettable, dynamic and fast-paced show

The VIP Fireworks 434 will blow your mind with a show designed to captivate the audience. Whether you are an individual, a professional or even a community, opt for this pack whose very competitive price guarantees you a successful investment! The VIP is designed as a fireworks show worthy of a true professional. The sequences of the different explosions are perfectly paced, right up to the final bouquet which is simply spectacular! So don't hesitate any longer and opt for the VIP Fireworks 434, you won't regret it! And if this compact is too big for your show, the Pyro Combo fireworks may be more suitable.

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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
2 to 3 kg
Sales Register
35/39 mm
Pro Edition
200+ Shots

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