Pyramatic Fireworks 152 Shots

Pyramatic Fireworks 152 Shots

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Pyramatic 152 Shots: A monstrous firework display in 30mm caliber. With nearly 3 kg of powder and impressive dimensions, this pyrotechnic show will fill you with happiness. 90 seconds of pure intensity, with a variety of mind-blowing effects.


Pyramatic 152 Fireworks Case: THE Fireworks

Pyramatic 152 case, available on Petard and Artifice, is the ideal choice to liven up your special evenings, such as July 14th celebrations, birthdays, weddings and many other occasions. Intended for both municipalities and individuals, this automatic pyrotechnic show guarantees total satisfaction.

This case brings together 4 interconnected modules for a total of 152 shots, combining ease of use and stunning results. With its unique ignition wick, setting up is a breeze, ensuring a complete and automated pyrotechnic show.

Features of the Pyramatic 152 case include:

  • 152 varied and impressive effects launches.
  • Four distinct modules, offering a variety of colors and effects.
  • A show that lasts 90 seconds, offering intense illuminations and a sustained pace.
  • Rockets reaching a height of 50 meters, ensuring spectacular visibility.
  • Active ingredient: 2.75 kg

By choosing the Pyramatic 152 case, you are opting for a memorable event, filled with magic and color. The modules offer a variety of effects such as multicoloured peonies, gold chrysanthemums, silver palms and flashing and crackling dahlias.

For more variety in your show, also discover the compact Golden Jubilee fireworks display and combine different products for an even grander show.

Important: For your safety, follow the instructions scrupulously. Keep a safe distance, and do not handle the launch pad immediately after firing.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to create a fireworks show worthy of the biggest events. Order your Pyramatic 152 Briefcase now on, and be the artificer of your own show!

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
2 to 3 kg
Sales Register
30/34 mm
Pro Edition
from 101 to 200 Couips

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