Wedding Prestige Firework - 238 Shots

Champs-Élysées Wedding Firework - 238 Shots

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The Portable Champs-Élysées Wedding Prestige Firework is ideal for illuminating your wedding with a pyrotechnic and musical show featuring 238 shots in 5 minutes, synchronized with enchanting music. Delivery only in mainland France (excluding Corsica), this product can be delivered on a pallet by ADR transport (pyrotechnics) or picked up at our Jura warehouses, contact us. Easy to use, simply place it on a flat surface, light it, and enjoy the show. Add a magical and memorable touch to your event with this exceptional firework.

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Portable Champs-Élysées Wedding Firework - 238 Shots

The Portable Champs-Élysées Wedding Prestige 5min Musical Firework by Ardi is the ideal solution to illuminate your wedding in a sparkling way. This easy-to-use automatic firework offers an impressive pyrotechnic show with its 238 shots spread over 5 minutes. Designed for safe use, simply place it on a flat surface, secure it, and enjoy a unique and fully automatic pyrotechnic show.

Imagine a night sky illuminated by colorful explosions synchronized with enchanting music, creating a magical and fairy-tale atmosphere for the most beautiful day of your life. Whether it's for a wedding, a family celebration, or any other special event, this firework is the perfect choice to add a spectacular touch to your evening. The carefully choreographed pyrotechnic effects will captivate your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of shots: 238
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Caliber: 20-25-30 mm
  • Powder weight: 3204 g
  • Effects: Varied, mainly in blue, white, red, gold, and silver
  • Safety distance: 50 meters
  • Brand: Ardi
  • Safety standards: CE compliant
  • Dimensions: 47 x 73 x 22 cm
  • Reference: 22435LPF

Pyrotechnic Effects

The Champs-Élysées Wedding Prestige firework offers a wide variety of pyrotechnic effects, including multicolored flashing stars, comet tails, chrysanthemums, willows, flower crowns, and coconuts. These effects are carefully choreographed to offer a captivating visual show, ideal for weddings and other major celebrations. The fireworks reach various heights, illuminating the night sky with majestic figures and explosions of colors.

  • TABLE 1: Multicolored flashing stars and glittering gold.
  • TABLE 2: Comet tail with coconut palms in silver, purple, red, green, and white.
  • TABLE 3: Silver and lemon-yellow chrysanthemums, gold willow and brocade, flower crown.
  • TABLE 4: Red and green comet tail with flower crown, red flashing fire pot, and red comet tail with flashing red and green flower crown.
  • TABLE 5: Red flashing brocade crown, gold willow and red flashing chrysanthemum, fire pot with gold willow and red flashing chrysanthemum.
  • TABLE 6: White flashing brocade crown, brocade crown and gold willow, silver chrysanthemum.
  • TABLE 7: Crackling rain with red and green stars.
  • TABLE 8: Gold willow and coconut in purple flashing blue, gold, and red.
  • TABLE 9: Gold brocade crown and gold titanium coconut with flashing red multicolored stars, flashing red flower crown, and flashing white dead leaves.
  • TABLE 10: Red, green, and blue flower crown, flashing red, green, and white multicolored stars, brocade crown and gold willow.
  • FINAL BOUQUET: Red flashing fire pot with flower crown and red coconut, purple and lemon-yellow chrysanthemum with silver, crackling red and green coconut, final with crackling fire pot and gold brocade crown with peach, lemon, yellow, and purple dahlia.

Why Choose the Champs-Élysées Wedding Prestige Firework for Your Wedding?

  • Unforgettable show: With its 238 shots and varied effects, this firework guarantees a memorable show for you and your guests. Imagine the magic of a sky illuminated by colorful explosions synchronized with enchanting music, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere for your wedding.
  • Ease of use: This firework is fully automatic, making it easy to use even for non-professionals. Simply place it on a flat surface, light it, and enjoy the show.
  • Safety: Designed with strict safety standards, it requires a safety distance of 50 meters to ensure the protection of all participants. Each product comes with detailed instructions for optimal and safe use.

How to Use the Champs-Élysées Wedding Prestige Firework?

Using this firework is simple and safe. Each product comes with detailed instructions. Here are some tips for optimal use:

  1. Choose an appropriate location: Use the firework mainly outdoors and maintain a safety distance of 50 meters.
  2. Follow safety instructions: Follow the provided instructions to light the firework safely.
  3. Create spectacular effects: Light the firework for an impressive and magical visual show.

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Wedding Automatic Firework Video

To give you a preview of the magic that this firework can bring to your event, watch the demonstration video below:

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
2 to 3 kg
30/34 mm
200+ Shots
Prohibited Sale
- 18 years old

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