Feu d'Artifice French Bay

French Bay Fireworks

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Discover the breathtaking spectacle of our French Bay multi-level fireworks display 4 modules ! Rising ever higher, it offers an unforgettable spectacle with its 8 varied sets of effects, from brightly colored swirling comets to the colorful bursts of chrysanthemums. A single manual ignition is enough to light up the sky for 70 seconds, providing a breathtaking visual experience. Make your evening a grand event by ordering this complete fireworks display now, ideal for any occasion!


French Bay Fireworks - Ascension Show

After discovering the Kuntao fireworks on our firecracker and fireworks online store, you want even more show. Discover our magnificent multi-level fireworks display, designed to go ever higher and offer an unforgettable show. Equipped with 4 modules, this exceptional fireworks display has an original shape and is deployed on different altitude levels for a colourful show. In addition, a single manual ignition is required to illuminate the sky for about 70 seconds.

Striking and varied effects

Our French Bay fireworks display offers an extensive range of 8 different sets of effects. You'll be able to admire brightly colored swirling comet effects, red and green, which will burst into the sky to the delight of your guests. It also includes colorful, crackling mosaics and chrysanthemums, as well as weeping willow effects in various colors and shimmering white. Each effect has been carefully selected to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

A complete fireworks display for a large-scale show

This fireworks display is not only a spectacle on its own, it can also be combined with other pieces to create a large-scale fireworks show. Whether you're planning a small evening with friends or a large public event, our French Bay fireworks display will satisfy your expectations and dazzle your audience.

Characteristics of the French Bay Fireworks

  • Modules: 4, with a single manual ignition
  • Effect sets: 8, including swirling comets, colorful mosaics and chrysanthemums, and weeping willow effects
  • Shots: 60 shots for a full experience
  • Powder weight: 1 kg
  • Caliber: 35 mm
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 25 x 26.5 cm

Make your evening an unforgettable show

Treat your guests to an unforgettable fireworks show with our 4-module multi-level fireworks display. Whatever the occasion, this fireworks display will provide a unique and memorable experience for all your guests. Don't wait any longer, order now!

And if you want more information on how to use this big firework display, read our blog post: Setting off your fireworks.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
1 to 1.5 kg
Package of
1 piece
Sales Register
35/39 mm
The Tiger
60/70 Shots

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