Pack Supporter - French Mix

Pack Supporter - French Mix

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The supporter pack Ideal for partying during the matches of the France team. Football, Handball, Rugby: Any occasion is good to have fun in the tricolour colours. The supporter pack includes: 1 piston horn, 2 France flags, 1 Clap Main, and 1 Fanbrush. To be used without moderation.

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French Mix: The Ultimate Kit for Enthusiastic Supporters

Experience the Atlantic fireworks, then let yourself be swept away by the sporting euphoria with the French Mix - Supporter. This kit is the perfect ally for any fan who wants to celebrate in style. It contains a piston horn and a hand clap to amplify your support at sporting events.

Get ready for the next challenges of the France team in football, rugby or handball with this dynamic pack. This kit also includes two flags and a tricolor fanbrush to proudly display your colors. It is perfect for UEFA Nations League matches or to anticipate major competitions such as the World Cup or the Euros.

  • For young and old: A kit that unites all generations in the same spirit of celebration and support.
  • Various accessories: Everything you need to support your team with enthusiasm.
  • Sliding scale prices: The more you buy, the more you save, ideal for groups of friends.

Order the French Mix kit on and join the sports party with style and passion. It's the perfect opportunity to share convivial moments while cheering on your favorite teams.

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