Apollo Mission Fireworks

Apollo Mission Fireworks

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The Apollo Mission rocket fireworks provide a stunning pyrotechnic show, rising up to 30 meters into the sky and swirling like a spinning top. They are ideal for celebrating special outdoor events and feel like reliving the Apollo 11 mission. These rockets promise an impressive and entertaining show that will please all guests.

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Apollo Mission Rockets: A New and Dazzling Pyrotechnic Experience

Experience celestial adventure with Apollo Mission Rockets. This unique package offers a fireworks show rising up to 30 meters, captivating the attention of all your guests. Relive the magic of space exploration with these rockets with a breathtaking whirlwind and memorable whistle.

Ideal for celebrations such as weddings or birthdays, these rockets bring an original and unforgettable character to your evening. Imagine the fascination of your guests as these rockets take to the skies, creating a spectacle in the sky reminiscent of historic space missions.

  • Unique Space Experience: Relive the Apollo missions with swirling effects.
  • Impressive Altitude: Rockets rising up to 30 meters for a grandiose spectacle.
  • Attractive Show for All: Fun and fascinating for audiences of all ages.
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 12 x 8.6 cm

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